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Situated near by Baddegama road in the peaceful village of Pathana in Hikkaduwa, Aradana Reception Hall takes the pride of being the oldest of our reception halls. We have all the requirements for a family or a business gathering here. 250 people can easily be here as your guests. We have enough indoor and outdoor capacity that your guests can enjoy every moment being here.We have a very friendly and warm waiting staff working here, so we can ensure that your friends and family, or business partners will have a very enjoyable and comfortable environment for them.

We have a range of food menus, namely, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Our staff in-charge of food and beverages will make sure you and your guests have the most delicious food they ever tasted in their life. We understand that the music is a key aspect of any great gathering. We can provide you either a live band or a DJ according to you preference, that will make your event more amazing. If it's a wedding and you need a car for that, we are ready to provide you that too. We can arrange you any luxuries car you want for your special day.

Proprietor : D.G.R. Wickramarathne

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Hotel Aradana and Catering Service

Telephone :

091 227 6906

Mobile :

077 794 1815 / 077 362 6116

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